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We recognize that addiction is not just a chronic brain disease or a habit of destructive behaviors – it is both. That is why we offer truly integrated, multi-specialty, team-based care which is able to address the physical, medical and emotional dimensions of addiction. We incorporate evidence-based practices that include medication to treat specific substance use disorders and co-occurring psychiatric conditions, a wide range of behavioral therapies, and wellness coaching.


Through advances in brain imaging and genetic analysis, we now know that addiction has a strong biological basis. We also know that, as with other chronic diseases such as diabetes or hypertension (HTN), patient choices often contribute significantly to the development and severity of their illness. Just as patients can make choices that worsen their diabetes or HTN, they can also make choices that drastically improve or reverse the course of their disease. The same is true of addiction.


We view the process of recovery as providing clients with the tools, resources, and support to both accept where they are and take responsibility for making the positive changes that will enable them to live their best life.

We believe you are unique.

The single biggest predictor of maintaining recovery and preventing substance-related illness and death is continued engagement in treatment. However, most treatment programs are structured in such a way to make access to treatment incompatible to meet work, family, and community responsibilities. With flexible hours of service, a conveniently located office in Cary, and telemedicine/teletherapy options, we are able to design your individualized treatment plan to fit into the other important activities of your life. We believe that clients should not have to choose between receiving effective addiction treatment and living their lives.

We are committed to your progress.

We are dedicated to helping our clients develop the skills and insight to lead satisfying, productive, and healthy lives. Rebuilding life after addiction can be overwhelming, and it is easy for people to slip back into destructive patterns of thought and behavior. Relapse doesn’t undo all of the progress our clients have made throughout their recovery; instead, it is an opportunity to re-evaluate and adjust treatment plans.

We meet you where you are.

We have expertise in working with clients who are at different stages of change and may be ambivalent about making a long term commitment to sobriety. We believe that harm reduction can be a critical component of addiction treatment.

We are innovative.

Unlike a traditional recovery program, Triangle Wellness & Recovery treatment plans are highly individualized based on client’s goals, treatment priorities, work and family schedules, clinical needs, and personal interests. Our holistic approach to recovery and addiction is research based and is found to be the most effective form of treatment for substance use and behavioral health disorders. Our sessions are available in-person or via telemedicine/tele-therapy, in addition to options for evening and early morning appointments.

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