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Group Therapy Services

Call us at 919-338-5620 or email us to confirm current groups and times. We look forward to updating you.

  • encouraging signs on a fence symbolizing group encouragement

    ACT for Recovery

    This group uses the foundation of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy to help individuals struggling with substance use or addiction. Participants will practice connect their day to day choices to their values and reframe challenging situations in ways that increase their ability to build a life in recovery that helps them thrive, not just survive. Lifestyle......

  • modern art for expressive art group in cary

    Expressive Arts for Healing

    This group combines mindfulness, psychoeducation and expressive art therapy techniques to help clients gain insight on their health struggles and understand their recovery journey within the larger context of their life stories. No artistic ability is needed to benefit from this group, only a willingness to explore how images, texture and story can help find......

  • Family and Beyond

    Addictions, healing and recovery doesn’t happen in a vacuum, it happens in the context of relationships with loved ones and family.  Yet most of addiction treatment is focused on the client, and those closest to the client rarely receive the support, education and counseling to care for themselves while also managing the challenges of loving......

  • Holistic Recovery

    This innovative combined therapy and integrative-medical group focuses on mind-body approaches to wellness and recovery for anyone struggling with addiction, chronic disease or mental health. Clients learn how lifestyle, nutrition, sleep, activity, and inter-personal connections impact their over-all health and capacity for healing and recovery. Natural evidence-based and non-pharmacologic treatment approaches to mood and anxiety......

  • Middle Path DBT Skills Women

    Middle Path: DBT Skills (Women)

    This is a standard 24-week DBT skills group with fidelity to the “DBT for Substance Abusers” skills training curriculum developed by Marsha Lineham. While many practices offer “DBT-Inspired” groups, the standardized DBT-SA curriculum used in this group has been studied in clinical trials and shown to be dramatically effective in reducing substance use, decreasing impulsivity,......

  • Mindfulness Group

    This group incorporates yoga, meditation, and mindfulness techniques to help participants learn how to enhance well-being, increase awareness, and reduce anxiety and pain. The techniques used in this group are also very effective for insomnia and symptoms of PTSD.   Details Frequency: Twice a Week Days & Times: Monday 9:45 – 11:15 AM, Friday 2:00-3:30......

  • Recovery Road Relapse Prevention Group

    This relapse-prevention group meets twice a week. The focus of the Recovery Road is to identify, process and work through the many day to day challenges of maintaining sobriety while in an environment that are often not ideal for recovery. Lifestyle modifications, skills to recognize and manage cravings, and strategies for negotiating relationships at home......

  • Recovery Toolbox: DBT Skills for Success

    This group builds clients’ skills and confidence in handling stressful, difficult or emotionally charged situations. Clients learn Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) skills that can be immediately applied and practiced in their day to day lives to improve their quality of life and interpersonal relationships. Skills from each of the four core categories of Dialectical Behavioral......

  • lotus blossom representing restorative yoga

    Restore: Yoga for Healing and Acceptance

    This group uses restorative yoga as a foundation for healing from chronic pain, mental health conditions and/or addiction. Restorative yoga is a specific practice of yoga that emphasizes rest and total body relaxation. Props including pillows, blocks and blankets are used to support poses which allow clients to release body tension and access feelings of......