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What Triangle Wellness and Recovery is doing in response to the Coronavirus

Slowing Coronavirus-COVID-19

At Triangle Wellness & Recovery, we are committed to protecting the health of our clients and staff. While the people most at risk of serious complications from the Coronavirus are the elderly and those with pre-existing medical conditions, all of us can take actions to help to keep our families and communities safe by slowing down the spread of this virus. By doing our part to slow the spread of this virus, we make it more likely that our healthcare system(s) will be able to meet these needs of those who become severely ill. In this way, each of us has the power to actively protect the most vulnerable among us.

Protect Yourself from Sudden Withdrawal

If you abruptly stop drinking alcohol or benzodiazepines (Xanax, Klonopin, etc) you may be at risk of life-threatening complications, including seizures an delirium.

Dr. K can work with you to reduce the risk of complications and evaluate if a home-based detox with telemedicine monitoring is appropriate.

We remain open to accept new patients.

Please contact us today if you or your loved one is struggling with addiction, depression, anxiety or other mental health concerns.

Effective immediately:

  • All individual or family therapy visits will be held using secure videoconferencing (teletherapy) or, when web camera access is not available, sessions may be conducted by phone.
  • All in-office groups are suspended at this time.
  • Medical visits which may be conducted through telemedicine will be converted to telemedicine visits.
  • Our office continues to remain open for medical procedures such as Vivitrol or Sublocade injections as well as other in-office procedures.
  • New and existing clients receiving suboxone or other controlled substances will be evaluated by telemedicine whenever clinically appropriate.
  • Any medical client who has a fever, sore throat, cough or other possible symptoms of Coronavirus should stay home and contact our office to arrange for telemedicine services.
  • Cancellation fees will be waived up until the scheduled time of your appointment. No show/no call fees will still apply.

More about our telemedicine/teletherapy services:

We use a simple and secure application which allows us to send you a link for your appointment by text or email.

You can then click on the link which automatically takes you to our “virtual waiting room”.

There is no requirement to register or enroll with doxy.me, the HIPHA compliant platform that we use.

We do not have the capability to have group visits by videoconferencing at this point in time.