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Your First Visit

What to Expect on Your First Visit

Your first visit may be scheduled as a focused medical/psychiatric assessment with Dr. Koenig, a behavioral health assessment with one of our therapists or an integrated assessment that combines both services and includes real-time, in-person collaboration between you, your therapist and Dr. Koenig.  It is important to let us know your reasons for seeking treatment and specific services you may be interested at the time you schedule your first visit so we prepare ahead of time to provide you with the best possible experience. Part of that preparation is for you to complete an intake questionnaire that will help to guide discussion. This form can be emailed or sent to you ahead of time.  If you are unable to complete the form ahead of time please be sure to arrive 30 minute prior to your scheduled assessment.


You will also be asked to fill out a contact sheet, provide financial information and review and sign our policies and consents. Unless prior arrangements have been made, you will be expected to pay your assessment in full upon check-in.


Depending on your reasons for seeking care, you may or may not be asked to provide a urine sample for toxicology testing. We conduct our in-office testing in a a private discrete area in our office. You may be asked to return to the waiting room, you may be led to our clinic exam room for vitals, medication and allergy review or you may be taken directly to Dr. Koenig or the therapist’s office.


Plan on 1-2 1/2 hours for face-to-face time with your provider based on whether it is a medical, behavioral or integrated assessment. We invest this kind of time with new clients in order to understand not just what brought you in the door, but what other aspects of your emotional, mental and physical health are contributing to your current situation. 

Our goal is to help you increase your happiness, strengthen your resilience and improve your overall mental and physical health.